The best way to setup, manage and use All in one SEO pack – WordPress plugin

You might found that we’ve recorded All in one SEO pack as exceptionally recommended wordpress plugins in the event you are currently following Blog Time Now. In Blog Time Now we utilize Yoast SEO however we contemplate both Yoast wordpress SEO and allinone SEO pack does the excellent job for optimizing your sites, but nevertheless […]

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Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain We jumped, never asking why We kissed, I fell under your spell A love no one could deny Don’t you ever say I just walked away I will always want you I can’t live a lie, running for my life I will […]

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Adding age verification in Blogger and wordpress – Content warning

Are you really releasing offensive in the event that you are selling or marketing or adult related content in your site age controlled products? Afterward it is your responsibility to add at least or age verification some warning message that is content should be shown by you. By revealing some content warning or asking to […]

The best way to Rapidly Batch Delete Spam Comments in WordPress

Junk is an increasing issue for all sites. Frequently WordPress sites get an immense number of spam comments. Happily there are instruments to fight comment spam in WordPress, like CAPTCHA and Akismet. A couple of months past, Akismet went down for a couple of minutes, and we saw a huge number of spam comments in […]

How To Add Custom robots.txt In Blogger

About Custom Robots I’ve discussed in one of my previous posts Header Tags for blogger. I am hoping you guys are conscious with that post’s importance in search rankings, for those who have read it afterward. Now, I come with a very helpful and must conscious blogging term that’s Robots.txt. In blogger it’s called Custom […]

The best way to remove in wordpress – Tidy up uploads folder

Do you believe your job is around after constructing a tasteful wordpress site for your clients? Clearly not! WordPress sites are more easy to manage to be able to complete pages, and maybe you are going to manage the rest of the site for your clients. Well your clients have some idea about utilizing wordpress, […]

The best way to include / install Facebook comments within your wordpress site

We’ve lately seen that a large part of the websites were utilizing Facebook comments rather than default wordpress comments. Particularly sites which have enormous engagement rates on the fan page are employing Facebook comments, for example look at TechCrunch. What about you, does your Facebook page has high exposure, are your people more participated in […]

Stop Words Seo List

To conserve disk space and to be able to accelerate their searches, search engines such as Google do not report and not provide much importance to stop words. In net Stop words are normally used words which are filtered from natural language data. Is, was, how, and, that and what’re some common stop words. You […]

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