• Low-level error handlingSeptember 26

    I am working with some low-level (by that I mean code that can't use C++ exceptions and/or the standard library) code that makes heavy use of classes. Basically, every class contains a bool initialize(); method that is called right after instantiatio

  • How can CI be used for interpreted languages?September 26

    I have never used a Continuous Integration system (CI) before. I primarily code in MATLAB, Python or PHP. Neither of these have a build step and I do not see how a CI could be used for my work. A friend on a large project in a large firm told me that

  • Storing hours a merchant is open in postgresSeptember 26

    In postgres, I need to store the hours a merchant is open each week. Essentially, the information you'd see posted on a sign in the merchant's door: Mondays: Closed Tuesday-Friday: 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm Weekends: 10am-2pm Some ideas so far: Break down a w

  • Correctness of ERD diagrams

    Correctness of ERD diagramsSeptember 26

    I am new to database modeling.Here is a problem I was trying to solve: Information about movies,stars and studios.Movies are shot in studios that own them.A movie is shot in only one studio.Stars are connected to one or more studios but can act in an

  • Why are the Coffman conditions necessary for a deadlock to occur?

    Why are the Coffman conditions necessary for a deadlock to occur?September 26

    Quoting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadlock#Necessary_conditions : A deadlock situation can arise if all of the following conditions hold simultaneously in a system: Mutual exclusion: at least one resource must be held in a non-shareable mode.Only

  • Securing Routes in a SPA [on hold]September 26

    I have an MEAN stack based SPA that I am looking to create some sort of authentication with. I have installed Passport, and am using sessions (currently) for login and authentication. A simple work flow is this: 1.User logs in, and verification is do

  • Algorithm to detect if a list of strings need delimitersSeptember 26

    I need to write a function to detect if a set of strings needs delimiters when concatenated in any order. For example, the strings ("A","B","C") do not need a delimiter: "ABCBB" -> ["A","B",&q

  • Expect PECL for PHP 7September 26

    I just upgraded to PHP 7.0.3, but there is no support for expect. Does anyone know if is it possible to bypass the installation issue? It says: [email protected]:/home# pecl install expect-0.3.3.tgz pecl/expect requires PHP (version >= 4.0.0, version <= 5

  • understanding lsof during long operation on big fileSeptember 26

    Background I'm running Musicbrainz Picard to update a ~11M ogg file on a 500GB NTFS disk (Transcend StoreJet) connected via USB and mounted using autofs. The connection is through docking station. I can't be sure I always unmounted it properly... I'm

  • Return permission in number form of file/ directorySeptember 25

    Is there a way to return the file permissions in the format in which they are modified using chmod? For example chmod 755 thisdir then commandx thisdir Would return 755, where commandx is some command used. --------------Solutions------------- Use st

  • Installing Lakka on an old Macbook ProSeptember 25

    I've been trying to get a USB with Lakka.img on it to boot on a 2011 Macbook Pro for the last few days now, and I'm not getting anywhere. I've used/tried to: Copy the image to the usb via the terminal with dd (OSX) Win32DiskImager Changing the extens

  • How to disable password prompt from ssh client side?September 25

    I have a script that relies on public/private key ssh authentication. The problem is that some systems are misconfigured and do not have the proper ssh public/private key trust set up. When that happens ssh ask me for a password blocking the script's

  • Installing collectd hangs in debian jessie in LXD, I need help finding out why it stallsSeptember 25

    I am trying to install collectd using apt-get install collectd in debian jessie. It always hangs at the same place, after setting up ca-certificates it will reach "Setting up collectd" and then stop forever. Control C and other gentle ways to ha

  • Fedora 22 rsync on root vs package reinstallSeptember 25

    I know that backup issues are heavily queried, but I am looking for problems that experienced Linux users have encountered, re the 3 issues shown below. Unfortunately, these (long winded) issues mutally interact, so I couldn't split this into separat

  • sudo tar changes extracted files ownership to unknown userSeptember 25

    I am running this command: $ sudo tar xvzf nexus-latest-bundle.tar.gz The extracted files belong to an unknown (1001) user: drwxr-xr-x 8 1001 1001 4096 Dec 16 18:37 nexus-2.12.0-01 drwxr-xr-x 3 1001 1001 4096 Dec 16 18:47 sonatype-work Shouldn't it b

  • Help getting mtrack to work on Macbook Pro Retina running Ubuntu 14.04September 25

    Total newbie here. Just installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my Macbook Pro Retina from the great tutorial over at MakeUseOf, and have been enjoying the new OS with the exception of the trackpad performance. To be able to customize the trackpad options, primarl

  • I would like join two csv filesSeptember 25

    I would like join two csv files: file1: 19/02/2016 22:00;16.70 19/02/2016 22:30;16.80 19/02/2016 23:00;16.80 19/02/2016 23:30;16.70 file2: 19/02/2016 22:00;39.50 19/02/2016 22:30;41.00 19/02/2016 23:00;40.30 19/02/2016 23:30;40.40 Expected result: 19

  • Copy column with file name as column headerSeptember 24

    I wanted to organize my dataset by copying the a column from a number of text file and append the file name in the first row of the new files. Here is sample of my data file1 a a b b 1 2 3 4 file2 c d e f g h i g . . . file3 11 12 23 12 2 4 6 7 filen

  • How to update the gateway with nmcliSeptember 24

    I'm using centos 7 and I setup a new connection with nmcli. I set the gateway but it doesnt seem it took. When I check the connection with nmcli con show conn-name the gateway is listed as: gw = I cant find how you add/modify the gateway with

  • Does /boot need to be mounted on a separate primary partition?September 24

    I dual boot Windows 7 with Linux Mint. However, Windows 7's partition layout takes up all the primary partitions, leaving me with the option of one more primary partition or many more logical partitions. So, I went with logical. However, I am just re

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