• Missing debug logs from sending a Visualforce Email TemplateAugust 29

    I have a Visualforce Email Template with associated component and controller. The template is functioning fine but I can not figure out how to view debug statements from the controller after sending a test email. I have the debug logs set up for both

  • Live Agent: hide the iframe on "End Chat" button click/eventAugust 28

    I managed to load the chat in an iframe using startChatWithWindow method. Everything works fine, but now I need to hide the chat iframe when the chat's ended (either by user or agent). How do I do that? I tried looking to the REST API docs but have n

  • VF Page with Data Category filters - not able to select dropdown choice

    VF Page with Data Category filters - not able to select dropdown choiceAugust 28

    I have a VF page on Knowledge that filters articles based on 4 data categories. The filters were side by side. I added a right hand sidebar to the page and now the 4 filters are stacked 2X2. However when I click the top category filter and try to sel

  • Activity call date based on "USER" APEX code helpAugust 28

    Purpose: I have a field called My_Last_Call__c in Contact. The purpose of this field is for the USER to see when they last called the client. Since one client can be called by anyone, I want this field to populate the last call activity date based on

  • Error deserializing JSON [on hold]August 28

    I am running into an issue of trying to develop an Apex Rest Webservice: Unexpected parameter encountered during deserialization: APEX Rest Webservice Issue MAIN CLASS @RestResource(urlMapping='/Lead/*') global with sharing class LeadManager { global

  • Unable to hide a nested div when used with aura:iterationAugust 28

    Unable to hide a nested div. Can someone take a look and comment on what I am missing ?Here is some background : I can hide the div as long as it is not nested inside another div within aura:iteration Component: <ui:button label="Toggle Div"

  • Uses for Work OrdersAugust 28

    I'm excited by Work Orders, but I am not sure what they add. What are the distinct use cases that the new WorkOrder objects fulfill beyond vanilla Tasks? --------------Solutions------------- Salesforce Spring '16 Release Notes > Service > Field Serv

  • How to Gets All Subscribers Sent by EmailNameAugust 28

    How can you combine the Job and Sent table in SFMC so you can get results of SubscriberKeys of everyone who has ever been sent that email by EmailName?

  • visualforce - set related to type Case Team Member to UserAugust 28

    I have a page where users are asked to enter a related Case Team Member. The case team member can be a User or Contact but I want to limit it to User only. How can I? Is it possible to default the dropdown to User? Thanks

  • Query for 'Lead' object is not returning a Converted Account ID

    Query for 'Lead' object is not returning a Converted Account IDAugust 28

    I am using the following JSforce command to get a specific lead: jsobject('Lead').find({ Phone:number})... The problem that I am running into is that I am getting data returned, but it seems to be missing the ConvertedAccountId, please see image belo

  • Attempt to reference null exceptionAugust 27

    I am getting the above error at below line. Can someone Please let me know? It should be true or false , why null? Apex class List<Account> Accnt= [select ID , Name , Restricted_Products_vod__c from Account where ID=:Test.Account_abv__c]; if(!Accnt.

  • Label for formula field in 3rd column of PageBlock is wrapping

    Label for formula field in 3rd column of PageBlock is wrappingAugust 27

    No matter what my formula fields label is wrapping. It has plenty of room to unwrap. The PageBlock it's in has 3 columnns in it. This is my formula field <apex:pageBlockSection title="Costs" id="CostsSection" columns="3"&g

  • HTML Email Template Merge field values not coming in emailAugust 27

    I have below code where I have to alter merge field values with record data in a trigger. Apex Trigger trigger ABV_SendEmailToOwner on Form_Requests_abv__c (after update) { Form_Requests_abv__c i=[select Account_abv__c , Address_abv__c , Campaign_Nam

  • System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: SQL, Actual: nullAugust 27

    I have the following test class LeadTriggerTest which fails with the following error: System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: SQL, Actual: null Class.LeadTriggerTest.converted_opp_contacts_are_sql: line 31, column 1 Below is the code: @is

  • Skip column in PageBlockSectionAugust 27

    So I have too much padding between fields within a PageBlockSection. I have 3 columns, so to reduce the padding between fields I created 4 columns. How can I skip a column to force the next PageBlockSectionItem in a new row. <apex:pageBlockSection ti

  • How do I write a test class for trigger below, can't seem to get itAugust 27

    trigger PostCustTrip on New_Trip_Reports__c (after update) { For (New_Trip_Reports__c ntr :Trigger.new){ If (ntr.SubmitStatusCust__c == true){ FeedItem post = new FeedItem(); post.ParentId = '0F9K00000000Fb0'; post.Body = ntr.CustomerName__c; post.ti

  • ExactTarget / AMPscript return position value in array error: System.Data.DataRowAugust 27

    I have an array from where I need to retrieve specific positions values. I can see the whole array when I call it directly but when I call a position I receive this in ET: System.Data.DataRow AMPscript block: SET @M1_info_array = BuildRowsetFromStrin

  • SOQL query for related child informationAugust 26

    I'm trying to build a SOQL query to show the Name, Services and Contacts for accounts that have a relationship to a particular custom object, but I feel I'm missing something here: SELECT Name, ServiceAccountAssociation__r.Name, Account.Contact.Name

  • How to map the encrypted values which are coming from the external system with custom setting values in salesforce?August 26

    I have custom setting"CountryCodeMapping__c" to map the country values which has 2 fields, Salesforce_CoutryValue__c ExtSystem_CountryValue__c This custom setting has used in Apex class where we are mapping the country field with external system

  • Upgrade from 2.7.2 to 2.10.3 - stuck loginAugust 26

    I just went through the upgrade process from 2.7.2 to 2.10.3. Now when I try to login, the login page just refreshes. I've tried different browsers and restarting browsers. No error messages, just a page refresh. Anyone else run into this?

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