In SEO, one of the largest myths is that quality content can generate natural links. It does not. There are countless site owners might bang out a large number of pieces of quality content per day. You should take the stuff on your own to the next level in order to earn many links in […]

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A Startling Case Study of Manual Penalties and Negative SEO

This January, I was at a talk at SMX Israel by John Mueller – Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst – about how to recover from a manual penalty. The session’s moderator opened the talk by asking the hundreds of people seated in the room to raise their hands if they had ever been affected by or […]

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The 9 On-Page SEO Elements You Need In 2014

With so many significant changes in the world of SEO over the past year, it can be hard for non-SEO professionals to keep track of what’s still relevant and what isn’t. Fortunately, while Google completely replaced their previous algorithm withHummingbird, their gold standard for webmasters hasn’t changed: they want us to provide the best content […]

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Prioritizing SEO Strategies In 2014: Where To Focus

Although there may not be a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy — due to the fact that ideal strategies will vary greatly between industries, company capabilities and business models — one thing remains true for everyone regardless of the size of the search team: ruthless prioritization of SEO efforts remains a critical component of SEO planning tasks. […]

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List of free keyword research tools for SEO and SEM

Some free tools for keyword research in SEO and SEM In search engine marketing, one of the main factors is keyword research. At same time, keyword research is the first step to do in the process of SEO. Most of us know that Internet marketing mainly relies on search engines, the visitors search the keyword […]

Choose the right keywords for SEO – Get found and get specific

  As most of us know, the extremely primary step is to choose keywords in SEO. If it’s SEO (organic search) or PPC (Paid search) keyword matters, the aim is all to drive targeted traffic to your website. To get your SEO business to the peak, the most important thing is to pick the right […]

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Huge WordPress Ping List for Quicker Index

wordpress-ping-list-2014-ping-service There is nothing for WordPress ping list. However, a list of URLs which notifies major search engines and numerous blog services. When you update existing ones or publish a new post, these ping URLs will ping search engines or other services which makes for quicker index. Furthermore, by default wordpress has a list of […]

WordPress: How to Set Up the Feedburner Feeds

If you always follow us, you might took note that we have discussed a post about the difference between Feedburner feeds and RSS and how important the Feedburner is for SEO. We’re going to come with how to set up Feedburner feeds for wordpress as well as how to redirect the default wordpress RSS to […]

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Feedburner for SEO is Important – Burn Your RSS Feeds

Let’s understand more about RSS feeds and Feedburner in a nutshell, before knowing how important the Feedburner for SEO is. What is Feedburner? Feedburner is a service for free by Google(feedburner.google.com). It offers easy custom RSS feeds and feed management for your blog that gives more easy and simple visibility than your general RSS feeds […]

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Bing webmaster tools can do what for SEO

As most us know, Google is the No.1 search engine all over the world. So it’s not necessary to pay your attention to your website to rank on Google. Other major search engines are important to focus with you. Because Bing is one of the famous search engines as second, using Bing webmaster tools would […]

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