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pngquant 是一个批次转换数值化和高频振动真彩PNG图像的实用程序,特别是那些有一个完整的alpha通道,归结为“rgba调色板”PNG(即。,tRNS PLTE +在PNG的说法)。这些图像通常是两到四次小于整个32位版本,和局部透明度是很好地保存下来。这使得pngquant特别是有用的对网站和PlayStation 2发展,其中一个纹理格式是基于rgba调色板(尽管不是png压缩)。

pngquant is a batch conversion utility to quantize and dither truecolor PNG images, especially those with a full alpha channel, down to "RGBA-palette" PNGs (i.e., PLTE + tRNS in PNG parlance). Such images are usually two to four times smaller than the full 32-bit versions, and partial transparency is preserved quite nicely. This makes pngquant especially useful both for Web sites and for PlayStation 2 development, where one of the texture formats is RGBA-palette-based (though not PNG-compressed).


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